1 week to moving day Set aside bed linens, towels and toilet roll to be used on the first night. Arrange for a locksmith to meet you at your new property to change the locks on moving day. Draw up a plan of each room in your new home with furniture placement for your removal company. Indoor plants should be lightly watered and packed into plastic lined boxes. Cancel newspaper, milk and other deliveries if applicable. Remove batteries from battery powered items. Prepare an ‘Essentials’ box that contains important items such as remote controls, keys, telephone charger, telephone handset, furniture assembly instructions, the kettle, mugs, teabags and biscuits! Start to dismantle non-essential furniture. Make arrangements for food and refreshments on moving day - you may even want to request a delivery of groceries online for the end of the day or first thing the following day. 2 days to moving day Add to your ‘Essentials’ box. Include important medications, first-aid kit, children’s favourite toys (especially bedtime friends), toiletries, tea, coffee, kettle, milk, baby needs, children’s sleep wear and school needs, work clothes and essentials for the following day. Don’t forget the dog’s lead, pet food and bowls. Arrange parking and access for removal van/vehicles - perhaps ask if neighbours would mind moving their cars on that day. Make sure your removal company has clear instructions as to your new address and that you’ve traded mobile phone numbers. Ascertain access details like alarm codes and find out how you will collect the keys on completion day. 23