4-6 weeks to moving day Book your removal company. Dispose of any items no longer needed. Remember charities, friends and family may appreciate your pre-loved goods. You don’t want to pay to move those items. Remember to sort through garage/garden shed etc. Make a note of any precious items that may need special care to move. Measure the spaces in your new home to ensure your furniture fits - the floorplan provided by your estate agent may help with this. In the kitchen, use up all opened packets and throw out goods past their use-by date. Start using up food in freezer. Create a folder for all your moving documents. Create a folder for any relevant documents to leave behind for the new owners. 2-3 weeks to moving day Request a mail redirect from Royal Mail - you can apply up to 3 months in advance but Royal Mail needs at least 5 days notice to arrange a redirection. You can request your redirection online at www.royalmail.com Return library books, videos, DVDs etc. Arrange for family or friends to mind children and pets on moving day. honeywell.co.uk 22