BEFORE YOUR VALUATION WITH AN ESTATE AGENT Check out Rightmove, Zoopla or local websites such as our own for idea of marketing prices. Check out or for sold prices in your area. Check the reputation and marketing of local estate agents online using, social media and the property portals to help you to decide who to invite to carry out a valuation of your home. Clean and de-clutter your home - you can do this after you’ve instructed your estate agent, but it doesn’t hurt to be ready to market as soon as you’ve found an estate agent you like. Call your estate agent(s) of choice for your free valuation. Provide your estate agent with an inventory of fixtures & fittings using our Fixtures & Fittings guidance. Arrange for a Domestic Energy Assessor to come to your home to prepare an Energy Performance Certificate - At Honeywell we can arrange this for you within 24 hours. Provide your estate agent with all the documents on our “Checklist of Documents to Collect to Help your Sale Go Smoothly.” Along with your estate agent prepare your home for photography using our guidance. Agree with your estate agent on the best times to conduct viewings. Check the description and the floorplan that will be used to market your property for accurateness - any inaccuracies could cause problems later in the process. Instruct your conveyancing solicitor - you can speed up the process of your sale by making sure your solicitor is all ready to proceed the moment you have an acceptable offer on your home. Ask us for referrals. 20