PREPARING FOR MOVING DAY Our Tips for Moving Out Once your home is sold, it is time to pack up and get moving. The process can be stressful but here are some tips to make it go more smoothly. • Use a professional moving firm; do not try to move everything yourself in a rented van. Movers are trained professionals and will do all of the work for you. Ask us for our recommendations, or ask friends and family what companies they have used in the past. • Try to avoid moving during the week. These are very busy days and there will be more traffic on the road. • Take meter readings on your property the day you move out. • Ensure that all of your post is redirected by the Royal Mail. • It could be some time before you have internet in your new property; download anything you may need for the new home from the internet before you move. • Leave a note of anything important for the new owners. This can include things like alarm codes, manuals for appliances being left behind, where the water and other meters are, and sockets. • Use our checklist. 18