CONDUCTING VIEWINGS OF YOUR PROPERTY First Impressions On the day of a viewing taking a few simple steps can help to give your potential buyers the best first impression. • Clear away dishes • Sweep the floors or hoover • Make sure the garden and hall are tidy • Leave pets with a neighbour or family member (this will also help to keep your pet from being distressed by strangers coming through the door) • Turn on heating during the colder months and light a fire if you have one • Turn your house lights on, particularly energy efficient bulbs which may take time to warm up • Air out the house by opening the windows • Ensure that you have not smoked or cooked anything with a strong smell prior to a viewing • Light a scented candle and put a fresh pot of coffee on • If you have a parking space, park your car somewhere else, allowing the viewer to use yours; this will add to their experience It is a proven fact that these small details make a huge difference to a buyer’s viewing experience. 12